Lock your phone by closing the flap. No need to press the lock button any more. If you don't have a flap cover, then merely putting the mobile into your pocket will lock the screen. Also you can specify to disable the app while a call is in progress. Time can be set for which the app will remain disabled once you unlock the screen. This avoids unwanted locking. By switching off the screen you save the battery also.

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Q:   Even though i disabled locking on call, phone screen turned off while receiving a call

A:    The phone has a default feature of turning the screen off while a call is in progress.

Q:   Is it possible to disable locking for a specified duration of time once the screen is unlocked ?

A:    Yes, you can check "Disable locking once unlocked" and customize time up to 60 sec, If you want to disable F2L for a longer period just uncheck "Enable F2L", and whenever you need it access the settings quickly from notification bar

Q:    I can't uninstall F2L

A:    To uninstall the app, go to Settings > Security > Device Administrators, and deactivate admin privilege for F2L. now you can uninstall app as usual.

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